Time for a change

OK, it has been a long time coming. But finally we are rebranding the agency. Same name, but a few things are changing.

First the logo. And then the website. And then a couple of new ideas and services.

But first things first. The logo.

We last changed our logo in 2007. Over 10 years ago. That in itself is a little embarrassing, although it does illustrate that good design stands the test of time. But to be fair we have been busy over the last decade; launching into the new world of social media, taking all website projects through a new mobile first process, working on more video, less print, and then more print once again. Add to that, we have moved office a couple of times. As you can see, busy.

However, it feels now is the right time for a change. So, here is the first look at our new logo.


And yes, in theory it does move a bit.

We have created a fully responsive logo that can adapt from landscape to square to portrait. It changes format and shape, depending on where is needs to sit and what platform it is viewed on. This makes it scaleable, agile, easy to work with and very versatile. We will be rolling the rebrand out over the next few months, in its various different formats.

And of course, any feedback is always appreciated.