The Power of PR

If I am honest, I haven’t really had any involvement in Public Relations. Not that I didn’t believe or understand it, it was just we had no really project that required it. However recently I decide to take on a charity challenge of aiming to hit all 92 league clubs in 92 hours. You can read about the actual challenge here –
And at the end of the month, you will be can find out if I actually achieve it. But back to the post in hand and PR.

For the 92 challenge, we didn’t have a budget. Every penny we get in will go to the charity, so we had to gain awareness via other methods.

We enrolled the services of Laura Berrill a local PR expert who not only loved our challenge, but also decided that she might be able to help. And what a brilliant job she did. What started as a wish to get in the local paper, turned into every local paper / website. We then moved on to local radio where I did a “very quick” phone interview for the BBC and then a more enjoyable and in-depth interview for Veralum Radio. And to top it off, we then appeared in 442 magazine, which was (being a football fan) amazing.

All the media coverage we got, can be found here –

Now, don’t get me wrong everyone loves there name in lights, but this was about getting our challenge out there for all to hear. And it worked.

It opened my eyes to the power of PR. A good story, well written and placed in the right media at the right time can be so powerful. This particular “92” project was ideal and hopefully people saw the benefits in the story, rather a sales or promotion feel that might of happened if we had gone down a traditional advertising route.

A massive thanks has to go to Laura Berrill who can be found here –  – and who I can’t recommend enough.

Will we be introducing PR to our list of services offered at the collective. Yes, we will.