Everything you need to know about SSL


What is an SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. In a nutshell, it provides secure connections for transmitting files.

So, if you have a domain like:

http://www.thecollectivedesign.co.uk – You’ll know it’s unencrypted and non-secure as it’s HTTP.

https://www.thecollectivedesign.co.uk – You’ll know that it’s encrypted and secure since it uses HTTPS.

Do I need an SSL?

Unlike GDPR, you are not going to lose your home or go to jail if you don’t have an SSL. However, our advice if you collect any information / data online, then we would advise getting one for your website. So, if you do any of the following, then I would get an SSL installed:

Collect contact details, via an online website
Have an area where people login e.g a Members area
Collect any personal data – CV’s etc.
Accept payments

It also looks good to have a “secure site”

Does it effect my google ranking?

Yes. Only slightly, but google has started to show a preference to a secure site, over a non-secure site. The recent update to the Chrome browser, which displays Secure or Not Secure next to your domaine name, shows they are taking this seriously.

How much is this going to cost me?

Okay, there is a cost. But it shouldn’t break the bank. The cost of the SSL certificate does vary, but the three we have installed this week have cost £50 each. And you need to renew each year. In terms of the set-up (one off) cost, this will depend on the individual website and what information you gather / send etc. We are happy to advise on this.

Just get in touch.