Review of the year 2018

We didn’t move office, which made a nice change.
We stayed off social media. Not sure why, just did.
We made some lovely videos for Ocado.
We hooked up with an old friend and helped re-brand Kingpin –
We took some time off to run some film festivals.
We reached 100 park runs. Finally.
We managed to get Hamilton tickets.
We had a massive hardware and software upgrade in the studio.
We took time out of the studio to do some consultancy.
We made a few WordPress websites, which made a change.
We learnt all about ServiceNow.
We continued helping Eagle Moss with their digital marketing.
We really thought football was coming home.
We made some exciting plans for 2019.
We realised print is not yet dead.
We sat and watched the embarrassment of Brexit unfold.
We became GDPR experts.
We blogged a bit –
We did the SCAR race.
We loved the new Plough pub opening.
We were big fans of the summer weather.
We loved watching the Bodyguard, Narcos and Stranger Things.
We helped launched a new kind of Estate Agent – Paul Barker –
We enjoyed the opening of the new St Albans Museum and Gallery.
We re-branded and re-launched our own website. Only took 3 years to find the time.
We travelled as always. France, Spain, Ireland, Wales, Thailand.
We attempted 2018 in 2018. And fell just short –
We met some really cool people.
We installed a lot of SSL certificates.
We walked almost 300,000 steps for Stepember.