My friend Sam

About 5 or 6 years ago I did something, that at the time was a little bit radical. I met someone offline, that I had only knew online. According to the Daily Mail if you met someone from a social media network then the likelihood is that they would murder you. I can assure you this is not the case.

So someone I knew via twitter  decided to met for a drink and an offline chat. His name was Sam. And he was a nice guy. Actually a really nice guy. And over the next few years he became a good friend. We have spent some brilliant evenings drinking beer (me) or colourful, flamboyant, expensive fizzy cocktails (him). We also work in similar creative environments. Music for him, graphics for me. And although I haven’t seen much of him over the last year or 2, he (and his equally lovely partner, Tim) remains on my bar invite list.

Now, and I am sure Sam won’t mind me saying this, he has never appeared to me as the athletic type. I never saw him for example as a runner. So, when he announced that he was running the London marathon I thought he was a.) Joking and b.) Might have had a slight breakdown.

This was not the case. And over the last 4 months I have followed his progress and true to his word, this Sunday he is going to run the 2017 London marathon. Amazing.

I myself have never thought about running this kind of distance. I am more of a “middle distance” runner. However, I will be honest here, if I did decide to go for it and sign up for this kind of stupidity it would be down to one person and that would be Sam. Trust me if Sam can do the hard work and the sacrifices (He has laid off the fizzy cocktails for a bit) then I think I could. And if you are reading this and are also lucky enough to know Sam, then you will understand what I am saying.

Amazing achievement and a true inspiration. And I am not saying that lightly.

His running blog (It is a really good read) can be found here –

You can donate some money to an amazing cause here –

And of course watch him sweat and swear on Sunday here –

Amazing Sam, you are bloody amazing!