The structure of our collective team is simple; we are an experienced team of creative designers, with passion, patience and a good sense of humour. We talk directly to our clients and get to the route of their communications challenges quickly and effectively.

Matt graduated in 1998 from University College Suffolk. He worked in design, advertising and web design agencies in London, whilst setting up the collective and committed to the business full time in 2001. Matt’s other loves, apart from the collective, are his family, football and that on-going search for the perfect pint. He’s also big into twitter, @mattbigg.

Debbie has a B/Tec in Graphic Design and City & Guilds Design for Print from Ware College. Although she started out as a designer, Debbie quickly became a ‘suit’ and has a wealth of experience in print, design, advertising and marketing. She combines her passion for creativity, eye for detail and strategic thinking at the collective with being a mum to two young boys.

Josh studied Graphic Design at Hertfordshire University. He graduated in May 2013 and joined the collective 4 months later. Josh trains Thai Boxing regularly and his passions include Mixed Martial Arts, music and all forms of design.

Neil is our technical genius. Likes to stay behind the scenes, but that doesn’t mean he is not seen. Involved if everything we do. At weekends, he enjoys taking things apart to see how they work – usually not going back together again.